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WalZ ArenA Now Available On The iPhone, iPad And PlayBook
WalZ ArenA
Sunday, 23 October 2011 10:21

WalZ ArenA is the ultimate brick breaking game. You are presented with a series of walz that you must destroy within a preset period of time. These walz will be comprised of targets arranged in a three dimensional array. You destroy the targets by directing Orbs into them using your deflector.

There are five walz per phase and seven phases per game for a total of 35 levels. You are awarded five orbs to start and are given the opportunity to earn additional orbs as the game is played. As you destroy the targets on the lower tiers the targets stacked above them fall into place.


3D target layouts.
Power-up to enable and disable game features.
Progressive levels where the targets move.
Pulse cannon for extra help destroying targets.
Multi-hit and unbreakable targets.
Deflector attract and repel modes.